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Kirkinriola Primary School, Ballymena

Primary 4/5

Hello and welcome to our brand new Primary 4/5 class page.  It is very exciting to have a new class within Kirkinriola Primary School and we hope that this page will show exactly what we have been doing throughout the year as it progresses.


From myself, I am very excited to be a part of the Kirkinriola Primary School family and look forward to all of the fun activities, lessons and memories that are to be had throughout this year


Let's see what we will be learning during September!  First of all we will be looking at Time and being able to recognise and label the clock face, read the clock to the nearest 5 minutes and also have an understanding of AM and PM.  This will lead us into ordering the months of the year and developing our spelling with this.

     Following this, P4/5 will be looking at 3D shapes and their properties, being able to identify them through sight, touch and feel.  These shapes will be sorted using a varity of different graphs and charts including Venn, Tree and Carroll diagrams.  It really is going to be so much fan as there are so many different active lessons that can be completed to strengthen our understanding.  As a follow up, we will be looking at how to read, interpret and create our very own bar charts by using given information and also our own information that we have gathered ourselves using tally charts.  We have so much exciting numeracy to cover and we can't wait to get stuck right in.

     In literacy, our class novel is the BFG by Roald Dahl due to the amazing adjectives that are used in the title and throughout the novel.  We will be working together to find and create as many incredible adjectives that we can use to expand our sentences and describe our nouns.  Our spelling will be improved through dictionary work which we will use to help us spell some very tricky words that we would love to use within our creative writing.

     To help with our understanding of the BFG, we will be doing lots of different activities based upon the novel to help us understand the story, feelings involved and also with out writing capabilities.  We may even get to celebrate Roald Dahl Day on the 13th September.  I wonder what may do?  In addition, we will be learning all of the plural noun rules across both classes so that we can be super spellers and impress everyone with our use of a lot of different plural endings.


I look forward to the month that is to come and I hope that you will join us on our journey through Primary 4/5 as we uncover new knowledge through exciting games and activities.


Mr Murray.